What is EduSkills?

Ever since the start of its journey, Globsyn has continuously been searching to link workplace with classrooms. Be it in IT, Management, Banking, Telecommunications or Retail, the search has always been; ‘how do we give the industry the best set of youngsters, with relevant education and quality skills imparted to them, before they join the industry or just when they join the industry?’

Globsyn, since the start of its operations, be it in training, education or skill development, has always looked at the requirements of the industry. Mr. Bikram Dasgupta, Founder and Executive Chairman, Globsyn was an industry man himself, and had close to twenty years of experience working in the industry before he started the organization. Out of the twenty years, Mr. Dasgupta spent the first ten as executive and the next ten as an entrepreneur. His tenure in the industry allowed him to sit on both sides of the table and observe the agony and joy experienced by either when involved in resource development exercises. Mr. Dasgupta took the task, of developing industry-ready resources, upon himself as the charter for Globsyn, to offer to society at large and industry in particular.

Globsyn, for the first time in India, in the year 1997, pioneered the Software Finishing School System. Engineering graduates with high aptitude were brought into the system, got trained in technology and application engineering, and project management to be developed into complete software professionals. Globsyn, when it looked at setting up a Business School, decided to link theoretical and conceptual knowledge with a corporate workplace environment to develop industry-ready managers. Globsyn pioneered the concept that technology and management will merge one day, and believed that management people need to appreciate technology and technology people need to know management. Globsyn also conceptualized and implemented, in 1996, India’s first truly intelligent ‘Plug n Play’ infrastructure – ‘Infinity’, the model around which Software Parks have been developed in India.

Globsyn has once again pioneered another unique, futuristic, innovative concept called the EduSkills. EduSkills, as envisioned by Globsyn, is the merger of relevant and practical education and qualitatively good Skills, interwoven with technology, which is at the core of Globsyn. Globsyn believes, educated people must be skilled, and people with skills, need to be educated, to be relevant to the industry.